Deepshikha Ram
On August Wed, 2019

Monsoon is a loved by one and all; the lush outdoors, the season’s moods, the damp freshness all around. It is one of those seasons when your mood is uplifted because of the weathers charm. You would love to enjoy the weather; siting and sipping in your favorite cup of beverage and just relaxing in your home grown space. The surrounding and nature looks so vibrant and pleasing and you have the perfect energy and ambience you need to cease the day. What’s better are the fragrance from Secret Temptations adds the perfect touch of affair which makes your monsoon season even more delightful and it’s just the perfect partner for you, it’s what you need to make your day even more special.


1. Desire Deodorant

Uplift your spirits with desire deodorant. When you have the fuel your desire, to have it all, Give it wings with an intricate harmony of intoxicating Turkish roses, floral geranium and lingering musk. Conquer your heart's desire.

2. Affair Deodorant

Allow the woody, musky freshness to embrace you. Seek what your heart desires. Chase it. Own it. And then, let it go. Now start the affair over again. And own Your Temptation.

3. Passion Deodorant

Live every moment with an undying passion and charm. The unique mix of Lychee, Ginger and Pepper is all you need to enhance your Passion.

4. Play deodorant

Let the tender lotus and fresh melon notes play with your senses. The world is your playing field. Go, win! Own Your Temptation.

5. Mystery deodorant

Create an air of mystery with the enigmatic scents of Violet, Tuberose and Black Currant. Let the fruity/floral fragrance create a mysterious temptation.

6. Romance Deodorant

The greatest romance you will have is the one with your dreams. The gentle nudges of Orange Blossom, Peach, Apricot and Vanilla will make you fall in love with yourself.

These fragrances will help you uplift your mood and spirit and make monsoon happening. Also don’t forget to pack your essentials when you are heading out, your little backpack should have your important gadgets as rain might get you caught up anywhere and you might find it hard to get back home. Always carry a sanitizer, a bottle of water, your favorite pack of deodorant and your umbrella and enjoy this season moods.

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