Deepshikha Ram
On June Fri, 2019

With the world running all about fitness these days yoga is an essential part of working out you can jump start your day without hitting the gym  or going for a run although both are also equally fun although they are comparatively time consuming. A study had published, in a day we spend most of our time walking, sitting or relaxing and that tends to affect our natural body posture which is where yoga comes to play an important role. You can quickly catchup on yoga for 5- 10 mins in a day and you would notice a huge difference.

 Here are five stretching yoga positions which you can do in the comfort of your room or your own bed for that matter.  These yoga positions will help you stretch out your muscles and help you correct your posture and overall wellness of your body.


1. Forward and backward sweep

Stand tall in a straight aligned position with your arms and legs falling downside with palms facing forward. Now with that position on hold and only move your upper body down and stretch and hold. Try not to bend your knees, push your tailbone while you sweep your arms and touch your feet. Now hold while you bring back your hands to your hips and hinge down to the standing position. Does this set for 60 secs hold on each side.

2. Cobra position

The cobra position is one of the most popular and known positions in yoga. It is known to be one of the simplest yet effective positions it works on your core muscles as well as your chest and back.

Lie down in the down with your face towards the ground with your legs stretched, with hand s on the floor and your arms close to your shoulders. Now gentle lift you upper body and stretch, contract your glutes and extend forward as comfortable as you can get, now hold that position for 60secs to 30 secs with adequate breathing.

3. Gate stretching

The gate position helps you stretch and works on your core, arms and legs it is again a very simple yet effective yoga positions. Let us learn how to do this; you can kneel down on the ground with your knees wide apart. Now slowly stretch your legs towards the left side, now set your foot flat on the ground and keep your knee right below your kip, make sure you align your right and left knee adjacent with each other, now slowly turn your pelvis so that the right knee comes forward. Now slowly turn upper torso to the right and point towards the ceiling.

4. Low lunge position

Step one foot back and release one knee to the ground, make sure your front knee is placed close and placed right over the ankle. Now slowly lift your chest and shoulders back and over the hips. Hold that position and take 5 deep breaths and slowly release back to its original position. This position works for the hips and quads.

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