Deepshikha Ram
On May Mon, 2019

Well to think of it the season which I am personally drawn towards would definitely be winters. I personally love winters and its cutesy bonfire, the close circle of friends gathering in the terrace, the warm hoodies, jammies, hot chocolate and BBQ party and I just could go on and on about it but hey summers aren’t that bad too and before you know it you are already preparing for the summer season and getting your wardrobe all ready to deal with the screeching heat. Yeah I am speaking typically about the sweat, the tan, the summery cotton dresses, the yellows, the blues and the whites which sound refreshing and airy already.

Let us get a list of things we’d add to our summer wardrobe:

1. Some cool shades

You definitely would want to take care of your eyes. With some cool shades to help you get the look and also protect your eyes from the sun and harmful UV rays as well. May be pick two pairs of shades which suits your face one to go with your office wear and the other for your casual catch ups and meet ups. You are shade ready for summers now

2. Sunscreen

You definitely would invest in some good sunscreen because the heat would ruin your gentle and subtle skin and it is quite obvious you would use your sunscreen according to the type of skin you have depending on oily, combination, dry or normal. So go and order your pack of sunscreen now.

3. T shirts dresses

Summers are the perfect season to show off your curves and body. We are in love with the t shirt materials and how it fits and it just gets perfect with a dress like styling. You could accessories it accordingly and the best part is you could wear it for a casual day at work or just go about for coffee dates it’s just too cute and fits too well.

4. Flip flops and canvas shoes

Oh you would definitely, definitely want to add these to your wardrobe for summers as you just can’t do without owning a pair of flip flops and canvas shoes which are such must haves. You could typically style your outfit and make it an all easy on the go look with comfy flip flops say pair it with your t-shirt and palazzos and go are ready for an all-day summer look. You could wear your canvas shoes with short denims and a flared top for an evening summer look or just for casual meet ups.

5. Perfume to complement summer season

If you want to add a zest of fragrance to complement the summer look, you might want to try out the new perfume from secrete temptation bohemia day; it will help brighten up your day with the unique freshness of citrus, blue curacao and peonies. The uplifting fragrance is ideal as both work wear and casual wear, and it will defiantly add a dash of uniqueness to your style.

6. Bags

 You cannot expect to complete the look without your summer bag and they are called summer bags definitely for a reason as it has to be airy and spacious enough to help you travel along with your set of needs and wants to help you survive through summer hot days.


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