Deepshikha Ram
On July Fri, 2019

Secret temptation as a brand stands up for women of today, women who dare to dream, women who are passionate about what they want to achieve and women who are go getters; Women who are full of energy and have the desire to achieve their goals, and would go out of their comfort zone and achieve it, no matter what the challenges are.

The packaging of our perfumes is designed in such a way that it meets the modern lifestyle. It is exquisite, easy to hold and fits anywhere so it becomes easy to carry it around. The fragrances have been infused with rich floral and fruity notes which empower you. In order to give each and women power and wings the perfume is made available at exciting and attractive price and we made sure it is worth the value.

Adore perfume

For the early birdies who are known to plan ahead on how to go about start your mornings with adore; its rich energetic notes fused in Amber, Apple and Rose intertwine together to add that extra pep to your day and every step of the way. The perfume is known to fill you with adoration regardless of the occasion so you feel beautiful and smell amazing throughout the day.

Dream perfume

For those who are love night out and let your dreams and goals take a flight. This fragrance is known to be sublime yet powerful and helps you make a lasting impression. This is blessed with notes of Lilac, Ylang Ylang and Bergamot which will leaves you smelling fresh and great throughout the night while you slaying the dance floor and kicking off the night away.

 Romance perfume

For those who make it the swoon evening or noon. Romance is an integral part of anyone’s life weather it is with an individual, a thing or your passion; Romance is known to give wings to that passion which derives your ambition. The fragrance is enriched with notes Jasmine, Hyacinth, Orange Blossoms and Neroli. Let the Fragrances take over your senses and mark your presence at any event or occasion.s

Where should you spray your perfume?

Now there are no rules on where you should spray the perfume however there are few places in your body known as pulse points which help you to make the perfume last longer. The fragrances from secret temptation will last for up to 4 to 5 hours however depending on your nature of activity.

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