More Power and Respect To Women

Deepshikha Ram
On March Fri, 2019

Women’s empowerment is one of the highly appreciated areas of progress in the last century.

Globally, the gradual empowerment of women is one of the standout features of the past century. The transformation in terms of access to justice and education, to literacy, sexual and reproductive rights and political representation is striking and commendable.

There are numerous reasons why we still need to observe this day as a tribute for women is because it is still unbalanced as majority of power seats are still not women friendly. We still raise eyebrows when a woman takes up kick boxing instead of yoga. Women are still blamed for being raped. Women are still being objectified in most of the movies and that really reflects in real life. This women’s day let us cherish all the women around us and salute their courage. Here are some ways on how to make women feel cherished every day:

1) Make a Commitment: You can make a promise to yourself to cherish and celebrate incredible ladies round the year. Make sure you extend all the support to your special ladies because it is a crazy world out there and you have got to be there for each other and respect one another while walking together towards success.

2) You deserve to relax: Women all around the world are perfect planners. There is no denying that they manage to juggle career and family at the same time. Don’t forget to appreciate the effort put in by women and you can pamper her or yourself with a spa day.

3)  A perfect organizer:  This will help her sort out most of her life and work. Admit it; she makes the best out of her house and her job. You can gift an organizer to the women who loves paying attention to the very last detail.

4) A Desired Gift: Gift her something that she has been planning to get. If you know her well, you know what she needs. A fragrance is always a welcome gift to any woman. Check out Bohemia Day or Bohemia Night to find a perfect fit for every occasion. It will definitely brighten up her day with the unique freshness of Citrus, Blue Curacao and Peonies. This uplifting fragrance is ideal as work wear to boost confidence.

She is a sister, mother, a wife, and a business person. Let all important women in your life know that they hold an important and unique position in your life and heart. Let them know and feel that they are special, this Women’s Day!

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