Deepshikha Ram
On May Wed, 2019

There are days when your schedule is too stretched and tight and you have no idea on how will you be managing, handling and meeting your timelines. This is where time management comes to the picture, learn how to make use of your time effectively:

1. Note down your tasks for the day

How would you spend your time, and what changes would you want to bring in your current routine will all follow up with your task for the day list. Make a list of all the activities and tasks you are set to meet for the day ,this will give you a clear picture on your day and how would you go about doing your tasks effectively. Once you have the list in front of you now tactfully assign time slots to achieve the same.

Also remember to include your leisure time as well like time you’d spend taking breaks, with your family or friends, while you note down what you will be doing you should know how to block time slots accordingly.

2. Multitasking

It may sound like a fun thing to do; but in order to be multitasking, you should try and stick to doing thoughtless jobs like cleaning, cooking, doing the dishes which doesn’t require much of your attention. So basically try and focus on one thing and give in your 100% to complete the tasks while you can multitask around things which do not require or consume so much of your time and attention. Try and avoid doing two major tasks at ones as there are chances of low productivity in both.

3. Being prepared for the task

While you are trying to make the best use of your time, don’t let timelines surprise you. Always be ready to attending meetings, appointments, and meet deadlines on time. In this way you wouldn’t have to rush into things. So whenever you are planning for a specific task, try and analyze how much time would you take to complete the same. So you don’t rush into things and give your best to perform the task

4. Stay focused

It is very important that you understand that you need to stay focused and remove distraction while you are doing your assigned task. If you find that you are not able to focus on your work with as much attention try signing off of social media apps for that matter keep your cell phone away for a while.

You may also try clearing up your desk, as messed up desks are also distractions that mess up your work or doesn’t let you focus on the tasks. Having a clean and organized work space helps you in doing your tasks efficiently.

5. Learn to prioritize things

There might be a number tasks that you have to complete in a day learn to prioritize things according to the importance it holds.

For example if you have to attend a meeting and also meet an important client you have to decide which can wait or which can you postpone to another time slot, situation like these can occur every once in a while, you  have to decide and take a call accordingly. Time management should always be on top of your mind even in such cases try to complete both the tasks in the same planned time and try your best to avoid postponing it.

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