Deepshikha Ram
On May Wed, 2019

Perfumes have become an integral part of grooming process over the years. It is more to do with the way you’d want to smell, the signature fragrance that defines your persona and style. Secret temptation has introduced three new variants in pocket perfumes for women which you’d love to add to your wardrobe it fits perfect for the different moods throughout the day.

Let us understand why you should be getting these pocket perfumes

1. Helps you boost confidence

It is a well-known fact that perfumes help you boost your confidence a level up, imagine going out for a date, you are all decked up with the perfect outfit, shoes, bags, accessories but how sad would it be if you are not smelling right and it would leave such a sad impression too forget about the embarrassment which follows; you obviously wouldn’t want that, just carry your pack of pocket perfume it would be your quick help and just what you need specially when you are on the run; you’ll never have to face this situation ever again.

 2. Triggers memories

What better way could you recall memories than a scent which hits your senses and takes you back to “that” exact episode of your life. Perfumes are known to trigger memories both bitter and sweet, researchers think this could be because the part of your bran which triggers the sense of smell is located very close to the section which processes memories you know, wear your signature perfume which would make them remember you.

 3. Comes in handy

The best part about pocket perfumes is that it comes in handy; fits perfectly to your pocket. It is also very cost effective also you can use it whenever and wherever possible; be it if you are going out for a morning run, heading out to work or if you are in the evening get together.

 4. Completes the look

Be it any look or occasion that you are looking forward to achieving. It wouldn’t be possible without your signature scent, to be precise you are not fully dressed without your perfume. The pocket perfumes helps you achieve your desired look, you could choose from the various option available, select the best which fits your look and you are good to go.


The GO pocket perfumes available are listed as you:


Go Alive

An explosive burst of zesty citrus over fruity heart notes in the blissful world of musky sensuality.

  • Right before you work out or go for a morning run, meditation/yoga
  • Kick start your day


Go bloom

This fairytale fragrance blooms with a floral heart on a Musk-Amber base exuding joy & long-lasting freshness

  • Let your dreams come true
  • Go get it and achieve


Go lush

With its energetic notes hits right before you step out to hit the party scene boost your confidence and make your evenings go lush!

  • Go all out with go lush
  • Set the mood for the evening get together



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