Deepshikha Ram
On July Tue, 2019

We all love the rain and with the monsoon season hitting in ,you cannot look away from the damages you might be dealing that seasonal change brings in and with it comes issues about your skin, hair and health as monsoon becomes a challenge to cope up , the rain tends to damage your hair and skin also this season can be frustrating as it breeds diseases and tends to affect your health.


Keeping your skin hydrated is very essential even in monsoon, the high humidity causes sweating and this builds up dirt combined with a lot of toxins, the loss of moisture from the skins surface make it appear as though it is dry and dehydrated. Make sure you wash up and use a mild cleanser for your skin. Keep in mind moisturizing is the key, so keep your skin well moisturized and repeat the process at least 2 to 3 times a day to attain healthy and glowing skin.


Along with your skin it is important that you take care of your hair, as monsoon damages hair strand and makes your hair dry. You should engage in washing your hair regularly because humid air tends to cause breakage. Oil your hair with lots of coconut oil; its goodness helps to keep your hair breakage free as damp hair is vulnerable to break easily. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair on regular intervals, towel dry your hair and do not pull or comb damp hair as it may cause hair damage. Avoid getting wet in the rain as the pollution and toxins in air comes down and settles in your scalp.


  • Make sure you drink lots of liquid as this will help your overall health

Drink lots of water, fresh juices like orange or pineapple or tea which will help you keep your gut healthy also prevent sore throat

  • Include lots of fresh veggies and fruits in your diet

 Including fruits and vegetable in your diet will help boost your immunity s they    are rich in antioxidants. Food like cauliflower, kale and broccoli helps build your immune system stronger

  • Come food which is high on fiber

Food high on fiber helps to build the immune system stronger and protects the body against disease causing germs and bacteria


  • Make sure you workout

Engage in some kind of physical activity such as running, swimming, gym or yoga which will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Carry your favorite fragrance  

Make sure you carry your favorite fragrance along when you area heading out this monsoon season

Te Amo Aqua

Fresh as a sea breeze and as refreshing as a watery splash. Floral notes romancing a dewy tone giving you natural freshness all-day-long

Te Amo Breeze

Be as free-spirited as the breeze. The woody base notes mingle with the citrus top notes, while the floral heart notes create a long-lasting and fragrant linger.


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