Fuel your desire, to have it all. Give it wings with an intricate harmony of intoxicating Turkish roses, floral geranium and lingering musk. Conquer your heart's desire.


The greatest romance you'll have is the one with your dreams. The gentle nudges of Orange Blossom, Peach, Apricot and Vanilla will make you fall in love with yourself.


Allow the woody, musky freshness to embrace you. Seek what your heart desires. Chase it. Own it. And then, let it go. Now start the affair over again. Own Your Temptation.


Let the tender lotus and fresh melon notes play with your senses. The world is your playing field. Go, win! Own Your Temptation.


Live every moment with an undying passion and charm. The unique mix of Lychee, Ginger and Pepper is all you need to enhance your Passion.


Create an air of mystery with the enigmatic scents of Violet, Tuberose and Black Currant. Let the fruity/floral fragrance create a mysterious temptation.